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Small Hydro


Small Hydropower Plants

We promote regional development in Colombia by means of hydropower energy with partners from around the world. If you are interested in making an investment in hydropower projects in Colombia, you can either partner with us to develop one of our existing projects, or be advised by us in order to develop your own project. 

Professional advice for the development of Hydropower Projects in Colombia

We know that doing an investment in projects located in a foreign country is not always an easy decision to make. Laws are not the same, people has different habits, the language can impose a barrier to the communication with stakeholders, among many other obstacles that may arise. Having ENDÉMICA as your project leader in Colombia to deal with regulatory, environmental and technical affairs, is a strong asset as you are advised and accompanied by a company that has expertise in the promotion and development of this kind of projects.   

How can we be of advise?

Environmental and Social

  • Environmental impact assessment and mitigation measures.
  • Institutional framework and administrative procedures to obtain the necessary consents.


  • Topography and geomorphology.
  • Evaluation of water source and generating potential.
  • Site selection and layout.
  • Hydraulic turbines and generators.
  • Economic evaluation.

Steps in a Hydropower Energy Project in Colombia

Environmental and Social


Gate 1: Concept

  • Site evaluation
  • Fatal flaws/deal breakers
  • Initial projections

Gate 1: Concept

  • Legal permit to ensure priority over other projects in the basin (Permiso de estudio).

Gate 2: Prefeasibility

  • Site ownership and water rights established
  • Site map with topographical data
  • Identify technical options
  • Refine power projections

Gate 2: Prefeasibility

  • Environmental Diagnosis of Alternatives (Diagnostico Ambiental de Alternativas -DAA)

Gate 3: Feasibility

  • Environmental Impact Assesment Study (Estudio de Impacto Ambiental - EIA)

    Gate 3: Feasibility

    • Prefered option selected with initial detail
    • Cost estimate established with financial model
    • Preliminary implementation plan

    Gate 4: Project realization

    • Environmental Management Plan
    • Environmental Monitoring
    • Environmental fulfillment reports (Informes de Cumplimiento Ambiental - ICA)

    Gate 4: Project realization

    • EA in hand
    • Permitting well underway
    • Financing in place
    • Engineering/Construction plan established

    Our projects under development

    San Bartolome.png


    Project Stage: Gate 1

    Substation distance: 5,78 Km

    Flow at water intake point: 10,65 m3/s

    Net Head: 49,6m

    Generating Capacity: 4,26 MW

    Cost per Megawatt: $ 1.364.849 USD


    Project Stage: Gate 3

    Substation distance: 7,3 Km

    Flow at water intake point: 1,99 m3/s

    Net Head: 100,4 m

    Generating Capacity: 1,61 MW

    Cost per Megawatt: $ 2.504.387 USD



    Project Stage: Gate 3

    Substation distance: 11,8 Km

    Flow at water intake point: 2,18 m3/s

    Net Head: 79,1 m

    Generating Capacity: 1,39 MW

    Cost per Megawatt: $ 2.504.387 USD

    PCH EL PESCADO 1 & 2 

    Project Stage: Gate 3

    Substation distance:  1) 0,6 Km    2) 2,1 Km

    Flow at water intake point: 1) 1,44 m3/s    2) 1,6 m3/s

    Net Head:  1) 38,3 m    2) 54,7 m

    Generating Capacity:  1) 0,44 MW     2) 0,71 MW

    Cost per Megawatt: 1)$ 3.378.049 USD      2)$ 2.178.382

    El pescado.png

    Ubicación general Palace.jpg


    Project Stage: Gate 1

    Substation distance: 9,2

    Flow at water intake point: 6 m3/s

    Net Head: 100 m

    Generating Capacity: 5,5 MW

    Cost per Megawatt: $ 1.541.352 USD


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