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Scientific Consulting

Endemica offers a group of highly trained consultants and scientists that allow you to carry out an adequate environmental and engineering consultancy for your project.


Group of environmental and scientific consultants that promote innovation.


We began to work together the day we realized that our ideas are bigger than the institutions we can belong to, that the world is spinning at a greater rate and that we must adapt to this change, thus enhancing ideas and arguments as a team and not as individuals.

Our company is not based on a vertical hierarchical structure with bosses and employees. We are a group of people in constant search for knowledge, organized systematically according to our abilities, with the desire to be truly useful to others and to use what we know and feel to reduce the burden of our clients.

We come from different professional fields and we speak different technical languages, so, in order to mantain structured processes, we have project leaders that carry the great responsibility of directing the methods with which we work, promoting the critical thinking of the team, making the best final decisions and generating the best quality consultancy in the market.


The Yubarta whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) migrate approximately 25 thousand km every year and some of them have their offspring in the warm waters of the Colombian Pacific, one of the most biodiverse areas of the world

The Yubarta whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) migrate approximately 25 thousand km every year and some of them have their offspring in the warm waters of the Colombian Pacific, one of the most biodiverse areas of the world


Senior Consultants


Managing partner

Sergio Gómez Echeverri

I chose to train myself as a biologist and developed skills in research, evolution, genetics, molecular biology, bioinformatics, statistics and complemented my knowledge with geographic information systems (GIS). I focused on investigating the principels that rule the generation of new species and the maintenance of biodiversity.

I soon realized that, although my studies made me grow as a researcher in basic science, it was not possible to have the application of this knowledge detached from the reality of the environment we live in, where beyond science, we need to find a relationship that closes the gap between environment and the development of societies.

I opted for a change in my approach and focused on the application of the scientific method in environmental studies. This helped me built innovative strategies allowing efficient management of the interaction of projects with the environment, as a source of economic and social wealth.

I have conducted environmental studies in various economic sectors such as Road Infrastructure, Mining, Hydroelectric Power Plants, Transportation, among others; And there has grown in me the great admiration for Engineers, as promoters of development in different regions of my country.

I decided to be a part of ENDÉMICA, looking for the best union between science and engineering that allows the development of projects focused on the reconciliation between natural resources, economic growth and society.


BSc Biology, 2010
MSc Master in Biological Sciences, 2013



partner - marketing

Carolina Osorio Gómez

As an Environmental Engineer, I focused on studiyng the relationship between natural and economic processes, in order to identify the environmental problems that result from such interaction and to confront them with engineering options and responses, based on the specific knowledge and the applicable legislation. In order to adequately apply Colombia's regulatory framework, I chose to do a specialization in environmental law. This also trained me in the development and application of national and international environmental standards to multiple businesses.

With the firm intention of designing environmental solutions that contribute to the sustainability of organizations and regions, in 2007, I decided to start a company focused on providing environmental services to the industrial sector. After a while, the main service that we provided migrated to the collection and integral management of organic waste. During the time I worked as a manager partner for this company, I was able to gain for it a strong position in the waste management market beeing the first and only private capital company to provide this kind of service in Medellín, Antioquia. 

In my experience, field work can be thought as the basis for environmental sciences. Accordingly, I have focused on working with communities by socializing the positive and negative effects of projects being developed in their territories and environmental education. This experience with communities had led me to understand that environmental issues should always be addressed in an interdisciplinary manner, and if done this way, there is a better chance for the continuous and suistainable use of natural resources.

I have participated in the direction and coordination of environmental studies of multiple economic sectors (Health, Mining, Energy, Transportation, Construction, Manufacturing) as are environmental diagnoses, environmental licensing processes, environmental regulations, environmental permits and procedures, among others .

I have decided to be a part of ENDEMICA with the firm conviction of promoting a harmonious and stable relationship between communities, natural resources and economic development, together with solutions and answers made out from science and engineering.


Environmental Engineer, 2007
Specialization in Environmental Law, 2009